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About Trainer Richard Allen ( Certified Canine Behaviorist )CPDT-KA, AKC CGC Evaluator Rich started working with dogs many years ago, in the days when dominance theory prevailed and using fear, force, intimidation, and painful punishment was supposedly the only way it could be done.

He worked in many different avenues from obedience to protection training, but for him, it was always too stressful (for both the handler and the dog) to be waiting for the dog to make a “mistake” so the human could “correct” it.

After years of using prong and shock collars, Rich wanted a better way to communicate with his furry family members so he began learning more modern and scientific ways to communicate with his canine companions when he noticed he and his dogs enjoyed the time together much more, and he was very impressed with the speed at which the dogs learned and retained the teachings.

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