7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Dog’s Training Class

Bravo! You have signed yourself and your pup up for a training class!

For the best possible results, follow these 7 tips to set yourself and your pup up for success.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the class material: Before the first session, read the material so you know what to expect and come prepared with the things required for the class.
  2. Bring the necessary equipment: Come equipped with the equipment you’ll need for the class,  including a collar, leash, treats, and toys. Make sure the equipment is in good condition and appropriate for your dog’s size and training needs.
  3. Get your dog comfortable with the training equipment: If your dog is not used to wearing a collar, harness, or walking on a leash, introduce these items gradually before the class.
  4. Practice basic commands: Before the class, practice basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. This will get your dog used to following your commands as well as make it easier to learn new ones in class.
  5. Exercise your dog: Exercise your dog before class so it’s not overly energetic and will be able to focus in class.
  6. Bring high-value treats: Be sure to bring a lot of treats your dog loves that are small and easy to eat. You’ll use these as rewards during class.
  7. Be patient and positive: Make sure to be patient and positive during class. Your dog can pick up on how you are feeling, so when you are patient and positive, it will help your dog feel more relaxed and confident.

IMPORTANT: If you get frustrated, remember that your dog is having an even harder and more frustrating time. So, to repeat #7 – be patient and positive. Also – do just one thing at a time, and…

Practice, Practice, Practice!!

Author: madmuser

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